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Posted on Oct 08 2015
Brandi's Weekly News
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Hello all! We are getting back into the swing of things and things are looking good!
No practice this Monday!!!!  
We are not allowed to run practices on statutory holidays between 9am-9pm.  Sorry for any inconvenience, but it is out of our control.
Friday, October 16. 6-9pm at the Whistler Mountain Ski Club
Salads and desserts are needed. Pasta and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided. BYOB
First swim meets coming up:

SFU Meet
For those swimmers with their LMR qualifying time the first meet of the season will be the SFU-SFA LMR swim meet on October 17th.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the swimmers remember! It will be a great way to get the cobwebs out and get the racing suits back on!
Whistler Pass Meet
For those who are new to competition, those who are looking to enjoy racing without the pressure of disqualifications, or those who want to make their LMR time, the Whistler Pass Meet is coming up!  All swimmers without their LMR time will be entered in the meet (unless I receive an email that they cannot attend that day).

It is necessary that all parents and swimmers with their LMR times volunteer to volunteer to make the meet a success.  Please contact Christine Spierings ( to let her know what position you would be interested in volunteering for.
The Swim-a-thon will be held on November 8th (Sunday) in the morning.  This is our main fundraiser for the swim club and as such all of the swimmers are expected to fundraise and attend this event.
This event is not only a great fundraiser, but also a great opportunity for the kids to show off their skills and endurance for you.  I guarantee that you will be impressed by the kids’ stamina and strokes!
Board of Directors

Thought you should all know your Board. These people are the ones who go out of their way and give their time to make the club a great place to have your kids swim. Make sure you say hello if you see them on deck or around the pool and give them a pat on the back and a thanks for all of the work they do!

President: Stan Kranjc (Kat - Platinum & Gigi - Cardio Edge)
Vice-President: John Minton (Robyn - Platinum & Fern - Bronze)
Treasurer: Lynda Harnish (Kat - Platinum & Gigi - Cardio Edge)
Registrar:  Lori Finn (Macy Kercher - Platinum)
Secretary:  Christine Spierings (Jacob Spierings - Platinum)
Member-at-Large: Natasha & Norm Strim (Georgia – Platinum & Oliver – Gold)
Masters Representative:  Steve Ogden
Past-President: Gwen Milley (Eric – Platinum & Ian – Cardio Edge)
Meet Manager: Alice Mastalir
Mark Your Calendars!
October 12 – Thanksgiving - No Practice!
October 16 – Meet & Greet 6-9pm
October 17 – SFU-SFA LMR swim meet
October 25 – Whistler Pass Meet
November 8 – Swim-a-thon

Volunteers needed!
We need volunteers to help out with all of these events. If you can help out – a little or a lot – please let Christine Spierings ( as there are lots of jobs and many vollies make for light work!
Nutrition-eating before practice/water bottles
While nutrition is a large topic that deserves a lot of attention, I am going to just put out two important reminders at this point:

  1. Eating! I know it seems like a simple point, but it is important to make sure that your swimmers are fueled for practice. Bananas, bread, bagels – easy to digest snacks that give the kids energy without giving them cramps! That being said – not too much too close to practice.
  2. Drinking! Water is the best drink for kids who are doing a practice less than an hour, while those who are working out for longer (whether it is a long swim practice or a combination of different sports) should look at adding some electrolytes and carbohydrates in the form of salted apple juice or a premade sports drink.
Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!
Look forward to seeing everyone back at the pool next week!

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