January 2016 Newsletter

Posted on Jan 15 2016

January 14 Newsletter

Back in the water and back in the groove!

We are settling back into the new schedule and it is great to see everyone getting back into the groove at the pool this week.  The Platinum group is ramping up their training as they work toward the Short Course Provincials coming up in February (AA) and March (AAA).  The Gold Group is working toward building cardio and technique with the goal of making their LMR times.  The Bronze and Silver Groups continue working on technique and endurance – focusing on freestyle and backstroke this week.

Swim Meets coming up!

January 30 & 31:  

We have two swim meets coming up at the end of January.  

1.       CHENA

The first meet is in North Vancouver and is for any of our swimmers who have not made their LMR times but want to give competition a try.  This meet is more formal than a Pass Meet, however, it should still be a fairly laid back atmosphere that is a great introduction to the competitive environment.
The meet will run on both Saturday and Sunday morning at the Harry Jerome swimming pool (just off the Upper Levels Highway).  There will be 25s, 50s, and 100s.  The 200IM will also be offered on Saturday. There will be relays on both days. The meet will run from 7:45am-1pm on Saturday and 7:15am-12:30pm on Sunday. 
If you are interested in your swimmer taking part on one or both days, sign up deadline is: January 21st


The second meet is in Surrey and is open to LMR qualified swimmers only. The meet takes place at the Surrey Sports and Leisure Centre. It is a two day meet with no relays or finals.  Warm-ups are at 7:45am both days and time-outs are estimated at 3pm.  I have talked to the kids about events they would like to swim if they are going as it is easier for me to take them out then add them in. If I can get a confirmation from: Georgia and Oliver, Jacob, Kat, Corinne, Mackenzie, Eric, and Ciara by Monday, January 18 that would be great.
If your swimmers are interested sign up deadline is: January 18.

Coaches on deck this session:

If you have been at the pool this session you will have already seen myself, Christiana, and Jacob on deck.  Tiffany will be back from Australia and back on deck next week.  Many of you have also seen my husband David on deck from time to time last session.  He will continue to help out when needed and will be attending the Chena meet as coach.

Great Fun Meet finish to the Fall Session.

We had a lot of fun at the last practice of the Fall Session!  We had swimmers, parents, grandparents, Masters’ swimmers, WASP athletes, a lifeguard, an exchange student, an Olympic hopeful from NZ, and a mysterious Mexican wrestler in spandex! We ran lots of different events that included one or two “grudge” matches and a couple of heats of relays.  It was a ton of fun and we hope to have another fun meet at the end of this session as well!

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