Kamloops Classic Recap

Posted on Jun 20 2014

Wow! It was quite the weekend! Where to begin?

First off: a huge thank you to everybody that made this weekend happen – kids, parents, siblings, spouses – if it wasn’t for all of your help and understanding, this weekend would not have been nearly the success that it was.

While there were a few bumps (or should I say bugs) at the beginning, things just kept getting better and better, with Eric’s third place medal in the 50m Back (the last event!) being an amazing end to a great weekend!

So, let’s take a little look at what happened…

Stephane swam a great 400fr – taking 17+ seconds off. He also managed two great swims to get fourth in 50 Fr and 50 Br.

Jacob’s starts all weekend ROCKED! He took 2 seconds off of his 100fr, came 1st in 50fl B finals, and broke 30 in his 50 Fr!

Alexander saw a big improvement in his 400m Free, qualified for Finals in 100 Breast (and would have been in B Finals for 200 Br if they had been swum) and was 1st alternate in 200IM.

Ian was awesome. Sunday Ian was a Rock Star. He qualified for finals in all the events he swam, and managed to swim every one of those events faster in finals – on the third day of the meet! – including 3 seconds off his 200 free!

    011       012


Eric had a bit of a rocky start when the starter in his 100 back mistakenly told him he missed his race (HE HADN’T!) and then had to swim it with guys 2x his size! However, he had a 13 second improvement in 200 Back, went 3 seconds faster in his 200 fr in finals than he had in heats, and moved up from 5th to 3rd to get a medal in 50 Back!

          Eric Milley1 Kamloops 2014            Eric Milley2 Kamloops 2014

The 13-14 4×50 Free Relay came THIRD!! Great swims by Eric, Ian, Jacob and Stephane!

Kat got TWO AAA times in 50 and 100 Fly! Congrats! She also came 8th in her 50 Free!

Georgia had an amazing meet! Three third places, her second AA time, a sixth and two seventh places!

Mackenzie was a real trooper. Not only did she manage to keep up with the big kids on the deck, she also managed six best times and top 8 in her 100 Breast Stroke.

Macy took 22.81 seconds off her 100 Free! She improved her 50 Fly and then took almost four seconds off her 50 Back to come in 7th!!

Robyn Minton was one half of the great GOGGLE GATE of Saturday morning. Despite having her goggles taken for Oliver and therefore missing her own race, Robyn had a great swim in a later heat, managing to come 5th in her heat and beating out older kids!

The girls 10&U relay did a great job! While DQ’d, the girls still swam a great race, and with a little practice, they will be raking in the wins. Great work Robyn (BA), Macy (BR), Mackenzie (FL) and Georgia (FR).

Oliver, the other half of GOGGLE GATE, had a great weekend. 5 Best times, a 12th in 50 Backstroke and a PHENOMENAL 100 Breast (Eye on the Prize, not on everybody else in the pool helped a whole lot!).

Kieran did great for his first Long Course/ Official meet. While he didn’t believe Mackenzie that two lengths of the pool was actually 100m until 30m into his 100 Backstroke, he still looked like he was having a great time and smiled the whole time he was in the water. He also got two best times in 50 and 100 Free – he seems to be taking after his dad! (Just want to add a little thank you to him for being relatively understanding about both his parents running around coaching all the kids, vs. paying as much attention to him as we should have at his first swim meet.)

A couple more people need to be recognized for their achievements this weekend:

Dave Milley – he managed to keep it together while making sure six kids (ages 10-15) were fed, went to bed, and made it to warm ups and finals on time!

Gwen – For dealing with all the behind the scenes stuff that nobody ever knows about because she has dealt with it so efficiently!

Tash and Norm – thanks for feeding and entertaining the strays! Kieran had a great time mostly thanks to you guys (and probably was fed mostly due to you guys too!).

Annie – Thanks for checking the beds and finding us other rooms!

Stan, Lori and John – for rolling with the punches when you showed up to Kamloops and didn’t have hotel rooms!

Dave Higgins – for putting on the coaching shirt again and helping so much (and not divorcing me in the process!).

Again – Great Job EVERYONE!

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