PASS MEET/TIME TRIAL coming up this Saturday

Posted on Oct 18 2016

What a great weekend (if you don’t count the weather)!

Meet & Greet

What a great event! Thanks so much to Norm and gang for a great dinner, and thanks to all who brought salads and treats.  It was great to get a chance to meet and mingle with all of you who could make the dinner.

PASS MEET/TIME TRIAL coming up this Saturday

Time is moving along quickly! Our PASS MEET is coming up this Saturday and we need your help!

Swimmers:  All of our swimmers will be signed-up in appropriate events unless I am otherwise informed.  If you cannot make the meet, I must receive an email by Wednesday, October 19, or you will be charged the meet fee.

The cost of the meet is $20.  

Swimmers should be on deck ready to go at 12:45.  

Please make sure that all of the swimmers have plenty of snacks, water, extra towels and things to keep them busy between their races. 

Volunteers:  We will need help between 12:30-6:30pm. Please contact Norm Strim:


SFU Swim Meet

Best times abounded on Burnaby Mountain!

Jamie Tait: 200IM – 16 sec off; 100Ba – 2 sec off!

Lucy Smith: 200IM – 5 sec off; 100Ba – 10 sec off; 100fr – 1.5sec off; 3rd place in 200Br!

Zach Currie: 200IM – 14 sec off; 50Br – 2 sec off; 100fr – 2 sec off!

Robyn Minton: 200IM – 5 sec off; 200Br – A time!

Macy Kercher: 200IM – 6 sec off and an A time; 200Br – A time; 100fr – 1 sec off!

Georgia Strim: 200IM – 1 sec off, A time; 100Fr – 4 sec off, AA time!

Jacob Spierings: 200IM – 3 sec off, A time!

Gregor Tait: 200Br – 25.5 sec off; 100Ba – 4 sec off; 100Fr – 4 sec off!

Corinne Haasen: 200Br – 15 sec off; 100Ba – 1 sec off!



This is our big fundraiser for the year!  All swimmers are expected to attend both the swim-a-thon and the pancake breakfast afterwards.

All swimmers will be put onto teams (5 teams of 10 swimmers each).  Pledge sheets are attached to email.  Team Prizes for most laps by a team.  Individuals with most laps will get their name on the Plaque in the Trophy case.


Langley LOSC Swim Meet

Correction to the schedule handed out at Friday’s Meet and Greet – the Langley swim meet is on Nov. 5&6 (not on the 12&13 as stated on the calendar of events).

Swimmers with an LMR time qualification are eligible to go to this meet. It is a good meet and one of the first of the season with Heats and Finals.

Anyone interested in coming to the meet please email me by Sunday, October 23 ( ).

 I have also added a flyer for the Scavenger Hunt - proceeds go to the Whistler Children's Centre.

Have a great Week!


Brandi Higgins
Head Coach
Whistler Sea Wolves Swim Club

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