Swim-a-thon is coming, get your pledges.

Posted on Oct 30 2015
Swim-a-thon – pledge sheets available
Teams are as follows:
Red          Blue Yellow Orange Green
Sami Abbie Georgia A. Ian Lydia
Zach Kiersten Kiara Talula Gracie
Lucy Jamie Robbie Roland Kieran
Oliver Roland Kristin Madeline Gregor
Gigi Corinne Jacob Mackenzie Kat
Amanda Macy Eva Robyn Robin
Fern Kohen Jake Tannen Thomas
If your child is not on a team, or not able to attend the swim-a-thon please let me know asap so we can make adjustments to the teams.

Swimmers are to be at the pool at 6:45am on Sunday, Nov.8th. We will be getting in the pool at 7am and the swimmers have 2 hours to complete as many laps as they can.

Each swimmer will need a lap counter and a water bottle. I would suggest a snack – especially for the younger ones - and a sports drink or juice.  Counters will want to make sure they are in light clothing (it is very warm and humid in the pool!) and bring a drink as well.

Everyone is invited to a pancake breakfast afterward.

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