Wavemaker Swim Meet - What a great swim meet, all twelve swimmers did amazing!!

Posted on May 05 2016

Motivational Talk/Sport Psych workshop

Morgan Perrin post-poned.  The talk by Morgan Perrin has been post-poned until a later date due to work conflicts.

Greg MacDonnell – Counsellor/Sport Psych – will be coming to do a group session with the Platinum group (Date to be confirmed).


Swim Meets coming up! 

The Whistler meet is coming soon! May 28 & 29

I can’t believe how far we are into the Spring Session already – our Swim Meet is three weeks away!  I will be doing entries next week, so while I have heard from a few of you, I need to know if your swimmer will be able to attend ASAP.  

As this is our home swim meet, the expectation is that all club members and families participate as either swimmers or volunteers.  We have five teams coming up, so with the added numbers we need your help to make this event great!


Kamloops Classics Meet:  June 3,4,5

The entries for this meet are also due next week, so I need anyone interested in going to Kamloops for any or all of the meet to get back to me ASAP so I can talk with our swimmers and plan out events.  Judging by the success that our swimmers had in Victoria, I am hoping to see even more Best Times at this meet.


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