Well Wishes for Annick

Posted on Jun 25 2014

As you may have already heard, on Monday,  Annick stepped down from her role as Head Coach of the Sea Wolves, after four years of hard work and dedication to our club.   Brandi has stepped down from her role as Vice President of the Board of Directors, so that she can assume the role of acting Head Coach until the end of the session.

As a club, we are extremely grateful to Annick for helping to build the club to its present size and splendour in a relatively short amount of time.   Her enthusiasm and confidence in the potential of our swimmers and club is demonstrated in the rapid growth and many achievements of our club.  She personally cares about each and every swimmer and has worked hard to develop the great team that we have.

We wish Annick every success and happiness in all future endeavours!

Yours Truly,

The Whistler Sea Wolves Board of Directors

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