Fall 2017 Session

Upcoming Events:

*  New this season is our 'Give it a Try' Clinic.  This clinic will be held Sept. 25, 28, 29.  $25 for all three days and will be reimbursed if your child decides to continue with swim club in the upcoming season.  If you are curious about swim club and want an idea of what it's all about, this is a week designed for you.

*  Our annual Swim-A-Thon will be held in Novemer 18.  This is an important fundraiser for our club where every swimmer is expected to take part.   There are various awards and prizes to ensure good fun as well as a pancake breakfast to follow, making sure swimmers bellys are happy too.

*  We will be hosting a PASS meet on October 21.   This meet is where new swimmers can try competition in an easy-going and fun atmosphere.

*  Clinics will be held to learn about race timing and stroke and turn judging.  We cannot be successful in hosting our meets without the generous volunteer hours of our parents.  With these clinics under your belt you will be able to officiate at our swim meets.  Clinic dates to be announced.

*  We will be hosting our Annual Open Invitational Swim Meet May 26 & 27.  It has shown to be a very successful meet and enjoyed by clubs from various regions of the lower mainland and beyond.  This event enables our new swimmers to test the waters of competition in a more formal setting and also gives our seasoned swimmers the opportunity to achieve personal best times on their own turf.  


Please be sure to check back regularly as this page will be updated as information on events become available.

Volunteers are always appreciated. If you can volunteer, please contact David Higgins at: