Swimmer Info

Meet Expectations

1.  Arrive on time: Be ready to go!  Be ready to go in your warm-up suit, on deck with cap and goggles.

2. Always have your team cap, two pairs of goggles, towel and suits.  Equipment is necessary to have a good day at the pool - but stress isn't. So keep the stress about broken or missing goggles out of the equation by having spares.

3. Bring drinks, snacks, and things to do.  ​There maybe water all around, but you need to drink to keep hydrated. You also need to keep your energy up - so snacking and having something "quiet" to keep you occupied between heats is a must.

4. Positive attitude and motivated to work.  If you are not having a great day and don't want to be at the pool, it shows. Unfortunately, this can affect your teammates. Walk onto the pool deck with a smile, focus on having fun, and be ready to motivate yourself and cheer on your teammates so that everyone can have a great meet. 

5.  Respect the people and space around you.  That means to please obey the pool rules, be clean, put trash in the proper place, respect the lifeguards on duty, and be conscious and respectful of the space and/or belongings of the people around you.

6.  Be Clean. All Sea Wolves are expected to keep their areas clean. If you have any garbage, please dispose of it responsibly and immediately.
  When you're done with your belongings, please put them in your bags before walking away. 

6. Keep track of your belongings:  ​Most meets have well over 200 participants and upwards of 700 so there is a guarantee someone will have the same towel, racing suit or goggles as you. It is always a good idea to write your name on your belongings.