Swimmer Info


Swim-a-Thon (2019)

Each November the club holds our annual Swim-a-thon. This is the clubs only non-meet fundraiser and we expect each club member to participate and help us met our fundraising goals. 

This is a super fun event where your child will far exceed your expectations of what they can swim in 2 hours. 

Sponsorship Program

Each year we are looking for local businesses to be part of our Swim-a-thon corporate sponsorship program.  

The cost is $100 and your Business Logo will be on the t-shirts each swimmer receives after they have raised a minimum of $20.  The support from a few business sponsors allow all the swimmers to receive a T-shirt while allowing all the money the kids raise to help support the club. 

How it works

  • Each swim club member will be given a pledge sheet to collect pledges. Pledges can be either a flat rate or an amount per lap. Please gather as many pledges as possible before the event. 
  • Swimmers swim a far as they can in 2 hours and then the amount owing from the pledges is calculated and donated to the club. 
  • Each swimmer that raises a minimum of $20 in pledges will get a Sea Wolves t-shirt with all participants’ names on the back. 


What to expect on the day

  • Please pack plenty of easy to eat snacks for your swimmer and water to keep them hydrated. 
  • Swimmers are to arrive at the pool at 5:55am and can access through the doors directly from the parking lot into the pool. Swimmers should be ready to jump in the water by 6:05am. 
  • Each swimmer will need a lap counter to count laps and keep them hydrated and fed for the 2 hours. 
  • At the end of the 2 hours there will be a pancake breakfast for the swimmers and their family. 
  • Pledge money will be collected at the pancake breakfast or pledge money can be emailed to the swim club at info@whistlerseawolves.com. All pledge money must be received within 2 weeks of the event to receive your t-shirt.